Can I use a Lash Serum with Eyelash Extensions?

Can I use a Lash Serum with Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash growth serums are designed to enhance eyelash growth by increasing the growth phases of your natural lashes. Eyelash serums can safely be used with lash extensions.

Why use a lash serum with eyelash extensions?

Over time lash extensions will damage and weaken your natural lashes. Using a lash growth serum will help repair this damage and strengthen your natural lashes. However it is important your choose the right lash serum and follow our tips to ensure you safely maximise results.

3 Tips for using Lash Serum with Eyelash Extensions

1. Avoid lash serums that are based on these oils.

The main ingredient in eyelash extension glue is cyanoacrylate—a fast-drying acrylic resin that most super glues contain. Particular types of oils can affect the extensions bonding by dissolving the cyanoacrylate bonds. The four oils that can weaken the lash extension bond are mineral, vegetable, coconut and canola. Check to be sure your lash growth serum does not contain any of these oils if you wish to apply with lash extensions.

2. Do not use lash serum immediately after your extensions are applied

The cyanoacrylate adhesive used to bond the lash extensions to your natural lashes takes around 4 hours to cure and dry. You should avoid adding any additional moisture to your lashes during the curing period. Once this period is over you can safely apply your lash growth serum.

3. Do use a serum to repair any damage from eyelash extensions

Even if your lash extensions are applied by an experienced lash artist, there is a chance that your natural lashes will be damaged in the process. Like the hair on your head, your lashes grow away from the root. As the lash extensions get further from the root, the weight of the extensions can put pressure on the natural lashes. Natural lashes may not be able to support the weight of the extension, which can lead to breakage.

Regular use of a lash growth serum can help strengthen your lashes, reducing the risk of breakage, and help stimulate the growth phase of new lashes. Used in conjunction with your lash extensions this will help preserve and repair your natural lashes.